This is the first truly independent longitudinal study into the health and wellbeing of school leaders. 

You will get a wellbeing report as soon as you complete the survey.

The survey is open until the end of Term 3.


The survey is being conducted in response to concerns that the increasing complexity and workload demands of school leadership roles are impacting on the health and wellbeing of New Zealand school leaders. It involves principals, assistant principals and deputy principals in every sector of every part of New Zealand.


This research is independent of all employer groups, professional associations and unions.


All individual survey data will be kept strictly confidential and no individual or school will be identifiable in any reporting of the results.


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Survey data provides evidence to policy makers about the real but often hidden costs and benefits of initiatives such as the introduction of national standards and changes to national accountability requirements. As a participant you will receive a confidential, individualised report on your health and wellbeing status relative to others in similar situations.


High participation rates will ensure the results can be used to influence policy.



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